Hello, my name is Philipp Westermann. I'm an engineer slash programmer. In my life I went through a lot of schools and had a fairly non-standard childhood. I usually learn things very easily and quickly. Combined with my low treshhold to be fascinated with new things, I become half knowledgeable in quite an amount of fields, like signal processing and game design.

I'm interested in pretty much everything that has to do with computers, be it networking, programming languages, the newest framework/API or video games.

Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die. In the meantime I just want everyone to have a good time.

  • Liber-Coffee

    Loadout randomizer for the game Helldivers. Made this to get into web developement and experiment with the Angular.js framework. If you want to submit community loadouts, you can comment on the reddit thread or post an issue on the GitHub repository.

  • Mamahjong

    Simple Mahjong Solitaire browser game. Making this for my mother because she asked me for a decent Mahjong game and all the ones I found online have some catch to it like outdated graphics or advertisement. So I decided to re-make the old classic and get the hang of jQuery.

  • Admiral Smith

    Bot for the Helldivers Discord Server. Does automatic role assignment and various utility tasks. Written with Discord.js.