Admiral Smith


This is the bot for the Helldivers Discord server. Made to handle role-assignment and other tasks. For suggestions, feel free to post in #suggestion-box.


Commands can be used in any chat of the Helldivers server. Square brackets signify available subcommands. For example the platform command can be used by either typing "!platform pc" or "!platform psn".


!platform [ pc | psn | pc+psn ]

Assigns you one of the platform roles. The roles will allow you to participate in the lfg channels. Search for people should be done there. Only one role can be assigned at once. If you own the game on both platforms, use pc+psn.

!lfg [ join | leave ]

Assigns you the LFG role and removes it. Members with the LFG role can be pinged with "@LFG". Of course notifications for mentions need to be turned on for this to work.